Nordic Venture Network

Alliance Venture is a leading early stage investor in Norway investing in tech companies with global potential.

Conor Venture Partners is a leading
early-stage technology VC investing in Finland, Scandinavia and the Baltics.

Creandum is an independent and partner owned venture capital firm that invests in Nordic companies in the technology sectors with 120 million Euros under management.

Frumtak is the leading VC-firm on Iceland investing in early stage innovative companies with great international potential.

Northzone Ventures is investing game changing opportunities and growth companies in the Nordic market.

OpenOcean invests in delicious business software, not simply easy to adopt but easy to love.

SEED Capital is the largest venture fund in Denmark within the pre-seed and seed segment, and specializes in identifying and developing new and innovative technology companies.

Sunstone Capital is a Nordic-based early stage venture capital investor founded by an international team.

Televenture is one of the leading venture capital companies in Norway and currently manages an extensive portfolio of companies focusing on Industry, Energy, Oil & Gas, ITC and Life Science.

Since its inception over 20 years ago, Verdane Capital has grown to become a leading Nordic investment and investment advisory group.

Viking Venture is one of the leading technology focused venture funds in the Nordics with more than 200 million USD under management.

The Nordic market

The Nordic region, the working field for the NVN members

The Nordic region includes some of the world's most advanced technology nations and can rightfully claim to be one big high-tech cluster.

The total population of the Nordic countries is approximately 25 million. With strong and stable economies the five countries today together make up the eleventh largest economy in the world.

The Nordic regions ranks at the top of the world in for example internet usage and information technology penetration and has recently produced companies such as Skype, MySQL, ClickTech, Spotify, Mojang, Supercell, Klarna, King and Just Eat. In addition the region is a stronghold for the oil and gas industry as well as for clean technologies such as wind, solar, wave and hydropower.

With progressive use of technology in the public and private sectors, an advanced infrastructure and high levels of entrepreneurial activity in combination with excellent supply of initiated investors the Nordic region is an exciting place to invest.